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Case Study: Taiwan | Always stand by you under Extreme Weather

In September, Hong Kong was seriously affected by extreme weather. Typhoons and continuous heavy rains posed difficulties on rescue missions. AMBER standby during severe weather conditions and maintained international medical escort services.


During Typhoon Saola and Storm Haiku at Hong Kong, we successfully escorted a patient back to Hong Kong from Taiwan. Her condition experienced a sudden deterioration during the treatment course. She is a brave woman and hopes to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible. Fortunately, she has a group of very supportive friends who contacted AMBER Ambulance for her and arranged everything.


We tried our best to prepare - gather manpower, plan transportation, source ventilators, book an air ambulance, etc. Throughout the process, Hong Kong and Taiwan were hit by typhoons one after another, causing continuous flight delays. Two days later, we could finally resume the flight, but the patient's condition had become more serious. It was risky for a patient to fly in a weak bodily condition. In order to fulfill her wish, the patient’s friends decided to escort her as planned.


Things don’t always happen as we wish. Upon arrival in Hong Kong, we sent the patient directly to the ICU for treatment. Finally, in company with 10 of her friends, the patient ended her long battle with cancer. By witnessing selfless love and devotion from her friends, fused us with determination to fulfill the patient’s wish.

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