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Case Study: Japan | “The Mission Impossible” in Japan

What would you do if this happened during a family trip? Health condition of one of your family members who has chronic illness suddenly turns worse. Cross-border medical transfer might be a necessary option during an emergency when you are abroad, AMBER is your reliable transportation.

We escorted a Hong Konger who suffered from terminal cancer. The case appeared to be "mission impossible” in the beginning.


The patient was travelling to Japan with his wife, his condition took a turn for the worse without warning. Out of helplessness and despair, he was received by AMBER and was escorted back to Hong Kong, with an Air Ambulance transit at the Handa Airport.


The difficulty of the escort lies in the requirement of a high supply of oxygen, which demanded a high standard of equipment to maintain stable vital signs in the patient. In addition, as the typhoon was moving across Hong Kong at the time, the team stood by to seize the opportunity to take off and perform the mission as scheduled.


During just a few hours of flight, we adopted contingency plan twice to restore the patient's oxygen index to a normal level. Despite all the difficulties, we successfully performed a bed-to-bed escort, the patient was transferred directly to ICU in Hong Kong hospital.


The mission lasted for 22 hours. Medical staff in Hong Kong handled the patient with high standard equipment, we finally feel relieved when the patient was finally received.

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