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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has become a global emerging trend. It is a travel pattern consisting medical care, rehabilitation and healthcare. During the trip, patients can enjoy foreign culture and beautiful scenery - a medical journey that achieves both leisure and health goal. In addition, as cost of overseas travelling is lowering, medical tourism earns its popularity among those who wish to receive treatment in time.


We collaborate with various overseas medical organisations, providing a wide variety of high quality medical and specialised services, including health screenings, cardiac treatment, joint replacement and auxiliary fertility etc. We provide one-stop medical tourism service - from health screening to medical transfer, from hospital treatment to sightseeing, we will provide you with planning and consultation service through the process.


Contact our medical tourism specialist now to enjoy our one-stop medical tourism services, plan your next trip with your loved ones!



Why is AMBER your best medical travel companion? 

✔️ Recognised by Governmental Body: Signed a memorandum with Malaysia Medical Tourism Council (MHTC) 

✔️ Abundance of Choices: AMBER has a wide range of private hospitals and medical institutions in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia 

✔️Just Enjoy! : AMBER provides one-stop planning and consultation services, including medical screening, hospital treatment, and sightseeing tours

Popular Destinations

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