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Medical Transfer

The key to creating a friendly, caring and comfortable experience to our clients is in maintaining a highly-skilled and professional personal and offer a safe, comfortable and efficient escort service to those with limited mobility.


AMBER’s medical transfer services are categorised into the following:

Point-to-point medical transfer services    Ensure a safe and comfortable trip

“Point-to-point medical transfer services  

Ensure a safe and comfortable trip”

A. Road Ambulance

Non-emergency Ambulance Transport

Non-emergency Ambulance Transport

  • Clinically stable for transport and not requiring time-critical services

  • Low acuity and require a low level of clinical care and observation

  • Discharge home

  • Point-to-Point individualized medical transfer services

Portal Ambulance Transport

Portal Ambulance Transport

  • To conduct advanced medical transfer services between the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA).

  • Overseas through the Hong Kong International Airport, ferries, and different ground borders (e.g. Shenzhen Bay Port, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge).

Palliative Care Ambulance Transport

Palliative Care Ambulance Transport

Palliative Care is challenging for everyone involved; thus, our goal is to shoulder as much of the burden as we possibly can by providing assistance and facilitate medical transfer services to and from palliative care institutions and nursing homes.


  • For clients who is in high acuity but not in the state of emergency. This comprises of transport of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) patients and home palliative cases.

  • To provide comfortable and dignified medical transfer services.

Critical Care Ambulance Transport

Critical Care Ambulance Transport

The safety of our clients is our top priority at all times. We do thorough risk assessment before any operations and AMBER ambulance is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. 


Clients requiring intensive critical care but not time-critical care and intervention. Our qualified intensivist experts and nurses ensure safely transfer to adequate ICU facility.

Interfacility Ambulance Transport

Interfacility Ambulance Transport

To provide point-to-point medical transfer services between preferred hospitals (public or private) or medical institutions for clients. We take care of getting the right medical personnel, liaising with doctors and hospitals.


B. Medical Escorts

Medical Escorts

Besides of road ambulance service, AMBER Medical also conducts top-quality escort services with medical professional personnel including paramedics, nurses, and doctors made up of highly-skilled and experienced members in various specialties.


  • To offer top-quality escort services with medical professional personnel.

  • Qualified medical professionals accompany clients with careful monitoring of assistance.

C. International Repatriation

International Repatriation

We strive to work closely with healthcare institutions and assistance companies across the globe to conduct medical repatriation services to overseas client who requests to be flown back to the country. 


  • To facilitate seamless medical transfer from aircraft, ferry or ambulance at border points.

  • To treat with care and professionalism through our qualified team, and our medically equipped fleet.


D. Event Medical Support

Event Medical Support

Being committed to giving back to society, AMBER Medical is dedicated to offer medical support including First Aid Coverage for all types of activities and events in Hong Kong. During COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken part in organising major national events by introduced COVID coordination and COVID doctor. In 2022, we have taken part in offering medical support at Hong Kong Sevens.


To provide medical support in the following areas:

1. Sports competition (e.g. “M” Mark Events)    

2. Conventions and exhibitions

3. Conference    

4. Corporate events




The safety of our clients is our top priority at all times, therefore we ensure our escort team includes paramedics, nurses, and doctors, being highly-skilled and experienced member in various specialties and hold professional qualifications.



• Suction        

• Defibrillator

• Patient Monitor 


• Rescues Bag 

• Scoop Stretcher

• Spine Board

• Slide Board

• Oxygen Cylinder

• Pulse Oximeter

• Powered Hydraulic Stretcher

• Evacuation Chair

• Head Immobilizer and Neck Protector

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