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Case Study: Qinghai | AMBER makes you less stressful when traveling abroad

Illness or injury can ruin your holiday. Chronic illness patients has to be more cautious about health condition, especially when away from home. AMBER is a trusted partner for medical transfer, making you less stressful even when in medical emergency.


Recently, our 24/7 operated rescue team successfully escorted a patient in severe condition back to Hong Kong from Qinghai. With an Air Ambulance, ventilator life support was provided throughout the escort.


Located at an altitude over 3,000 metres, low air pressure in Qinghai greatly increases the difficulty of the operation. The more serious the patient's condition became, the more urgent it was for the escort. Our medical team immediately entered Qinghai from a lower altitude to reduce the risk of sickness, the ride took the team for about 6 hours. In the end, we successfully escorted the patient back to Hong Kong and seize the opportunity for medical treatment.

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