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 Lecture on medical transfer services at the Haven of Hope, Christian Service

In recent years, with the aging population and the increase in palliative care needs, the demand for medical transfer services from hospitals to palliative institution or home has also increased. Therefore, providing high-quality, safe, and reliable medical transfer services has become increasingly important.


Earlier, we were fortunate to be invited to give a lecture on medical transfer services at the Haven of Hope, Christian Service. In addition to explaining our advance directive service process and arrangements, we provided appropriate medical care and maintained good communication and coordination with hospitals, palliative institutions or family members to ensure the smooth transportation of patients. We also shared some special cases.


Overall, medical transfer services are a very important service that requires the industry to pay attention to professionalism, safety, and service quality. We should continue to increase our awareness and importance of our service to ensure that patients receive the best care and attention.

Lecture on medical transfer services
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